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Spring PW Workshops You Won’t Want to Miss

This spring semester 2015, the WRAC department is offering various, fundamental workshops for professional writing students! Be sure to put these dates on your calendar!

Resume & Cover Letter Writing
Wednesday, January 28th, 1pm
305 Bessey Hall
Professor Laura Julier
If you’re looking for a job or internship, then definitely come to this workshop and find out what a resume and cover letter should (and should not!) contain and what they should be used for. Feel free to bring a copy of your own resume and cover letter to work on. 

Establishing a Professional Digital Identity
Tuesday, February 3rd, 5pm
214 Bessey Hall
Professor Kathryn Houghton & Professor Liza Potts
Almost all of us have some virtual representation of ourselves online. Come to this workshop to learn to cultivate and utilize an online, professional, PW identity. 

An Inside Look at Brand Strategy
Friday, February 13, 10am
317 Bessey
Ryan Kilcoyne, Marketing Director, MSU College of Arts and Letters
Attend this workshop to get a close up look at the upcoming revamp of the Spartan brand, as well as learn about how brand strategy is used in a large organization. 

Internship Workshop
Thursday, February 26th, 6pm
305 Bessey Hall
Professor Jonathan Ritz
If you’re looking for a PW internship, this is the workshop to attend. You’ll learn all about the internship opportunites out there, as well as the resources available to find those internships.

Graduate and Law School for PW majors
Friday, March 27th, 10am
317 Bessey
Becky Brewer, Professor Kathryn Houghton, Professor Laura Julier, Allegra Smith, & Rebecca Zantjer
Explore opportunities for professional writing majors in graduate school! These include MA, MFA, and JD (law school) programs.