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Cover Letter Writing Tips

To all you PWers applying for jobs, you know how difficult cover letters can be. For all of you who have yet to embark on the cover letter writing journey, take note.

Here are some handy cover letter writing tips straight from the magnificent Danielle Devoss.

First, NEVER, ever ever ever EVER address the letter “Dear Sir or Madam.” People, it’s not 1972. Not only is this crazy old-fashioned, gender-focused salutations are typically not appropriate.

Second, NEVER ever ever address the letter “To Whom it May Concern.” This is another dated and dead convention. What does “it” refer to??? Who says “To Whom?”

Instead, if you can figure out who you are writing to, address them directly: “Dear Jane Doe:” or “John Smith:”

If you can’t find that information or its not available, it’s perfectly appropriate to include a salutation appropriate to the job and where you’re applying, like: “Dear Human Resources Coordinator:” or “Dear Internship Director:” or “Dear Communications Manager:”

Besides these nifty tips, here is a handy 6-minute video overview that covers smart moves to make in writing cover letters, including some great, helpful examples.

Now get out there and start that cover letter! Remember though. If you want help working on your cover letter or just want to run it by someone else to before you send it out into the real world, to schedule an appointment with the Writing Center at http://writing.msu.edu/.