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MSU Students & Faculty Presenting at the 2012 ATTW Conference

A list of current MSU students, faculty, and Rhetoric & Writing Program alumni presenting at this year’s ATTW.

User, Design, and Production: What Counts?

  • Lee Sherlock: Theorycrafting as Techne: How to Engineer and Document What You Do for Fun

Crossing Cultural Boundaries in Social Networking Media

  • Elizabeth Keller: Traversing Workplace Boundaries: The Visibilization and Globalization of Work through New Media Objects and Spaces

Ambient Data, Mobile Learning, & Kairos: Technical Communication Researchers Making Direct Interventions in Public Health

  • William Hart-Davidson: Creating Feedback Loops to Increase Situational Awareness & Influence Public Health Outcomes
  • Mike McLeod: Robot Writers: Building Bots to Listen for Ambient Writing Behavior and Assemble New Texts
  • Donnie Johnson Sackey: Visualizing Data, Encouraging Change: Technical Interventions in Food Purchasing Decisions

Instilling Good Habits of Cultural Interrogation

  • Stuart Blythe: Seeing Cultures in Context
  • Jennifer Sano-Franchini: How Time Informs the Way We Read Cultures: Temporal Logics of East Asian Blepharoplasty in Online Video
  • Matt Cox: Cultural Awareness in the Workplace: Whose Responsibility Is it Anyway?

Localizing the Global Through User-Centered Design

  • Chelsea Moats (poster)