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PW Alum to Watch: Michael Kulick

Next up in our PW Alum to Watch series is Michael Kulick. Kulick graduated from Michigan State in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing. Now Kulick is the Web and Digital Media Manager at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), which means he is the manager of public relations, social media, and the website and works closely with all of the departments of the museum.

His favorite part of his job is “getting to meet and grow professionally through the Museum, art, and Detroit worlds.”

During his time in PW, Kulick embarked on a dual track between the communities & cultures, and digital & technical writing. He said his most helpful class was Digital Rhetoric (WRA 415), and said it was “instrumental” to his current position at MOCAD.

I asked Kulick about any advice he might have for graduating PW seniors, and he said:

Your professional learning isn’t done when you graduate. It’s really the beginning and making sure to continue to do the processes you’ve learned in PW – researching, planning, developing, pivoting as needed, implementation, and post analysis –  will be make you a valuable employee nearly everywhere.
One thing I have to say about Michael is his willingness and openness. Although I’ve never met him in person, when I’ve reached out for advice in the past as well as for this story, he’s always been great about helping me out. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for him in the future.