About Professional Writing

The Professional Writing (PW) major prepares students to become confident, effective communicators and to develop advanced writing skills in diverse media, for diverse disciplines, workplaces, and digital environments.

It’s personal. The PW program does more than just provide students with a college degree: we prepare students to be lifelong learners who can apply what they learn in classes directly to their intended careers.

The program prompts students to become creative, imaginative, and expressive writers and designers who are able to work with a wide range of documents and in a variety of workplaces. The curriculum is designed so that students can creatively combine required and elective courses in order to tailor the major to their interests or prepare them for particular careers.

Student Accomplishments

PW students have worked all over the globe, all over the country, all over Michigan, in all sectors of public and professional life. They have written, designed, researched, created, managed, developed, traveled, published, advocated, and strategized. Take a look at the accomplishments of PW students over the years.