Course History

Course When Offered Next Offering Who’s Taught This Course?



every fall FS14, Powell Blythe, Rehberger, Powell, Harris, Baca, Porter

every other spring (odd years) SS15, Blythe Blythe, Hart-Davidson, Porter, Grabill

every other spring (odd years) SS15, T. Smith Powell, Lindquist

new rotation, every springFS11, FS08, FS06 SS15, Powell, as Workshop in Rhetoric & Writing (WRA891) Powell, Julier

FS13, SS11, SS09, TBD L. Smith, Aldrich

new rotation, every other fallUS12, FS09, US08, US06, US05, US04 FS14, DeVoss DeVoss, Halbritter, DeVoss

every spring SS15, Potts Potts, J. Monberg, Grabill, Hart-Davidson

SS13, SS10, SS08 TBD Kirkland, Grabill

every fall FS14, Epps-Robertson Epps-Robertson, DeJoy, Cushman, T. Smith, Rife, LIndquist

US12, US11, US10, FS08, FS07, FS06, FS05, FS04, FS03 Will remain a College course Hart-Davidson, Blythe, DeVoss, Rehberger

almost every spring SS15, Rehberger Powell, Rehberger, Lindquist, Powell

every fall FS14, Hidalgo Powell, DeVoss, Hart-Davidson, Blythe, Grabill, Rehberger, Porter

SS14, FS11, FS08, FS07, FS05 Cushman, Kirkland, Wilson

* will switch to WRA designations as of Fall 2014 (AL805 à WRA805)

For course titles see program overviews: MA in CSLP, MA in DRPW, PhD in Rhetoric & Writing.

Special Topics Course Offerings

Fall 2014, Rhetoric, the Body & Embodied Rhetorics, T. Smith & Powell

Spring 2014, Studying Language & Culture Across Local & Global Contexts, Fraiberg

Fall 2013, Writing Center Theory, Baldwin & T. Smith

Fall 2012, Queer Rhetorics, T. Smith

Summer 2012, Tracing Digital Culture, Potts

Spring 2012, American Indian Rhetorics, Powell

Summer 2011, Activist & Participatory Research Approaches, Grabill

Spring 2011, Writing Center Theory, T. Smith

Fall 2010, Civic Engagement & Community-based Pedagogies, T. Monberg

Summer 2010, Historiographical Methodologies, Powell

Spring 2010, Seminar with Victor Villanueva (visiting distinguished lecturer)

Fall 2009, Queer Rhetorics, T. Smith

Summer 2008, Writing Center Theory, T. Smith

Spring 2008, American Indian Intellectuals, Powell

Summer 2007, African American Literacies, Lathan