FYW Placement Tests

The FYW placement essay is designed for those students who have been placed in WRA 1004/102 Preparation for College Writing for an upcoming semester, but feel that their extra language experience and learning might qualify them to take a Tier 1 (WRA 100-150) course instead. Upcoming placement essay dates are:

* Friday, April 3, from 4-6, in room 108 Bessey Hall
* Sunday, August 23, from 1-3 pm, room 107 Bessey
* Saturday, August 29, from 10-12, room 108 Bessey
* Monday, August 31, from1-3, room 108 Bessey

Note: You are not eligible to take this placement essay if you have been:
* Placed into an ESL course at MSU;
* Taken / are currently taking an ESL course at MSU, as per your placement.